GOLFER'S TAKE NOTICE! Practicing Yoga has great health benefits for your body and mind and is especially good for your golf game.  Tightness and weakness leads to swing faults, loss of distance and inconsistent golf.  Yoga touches every body part and helps improve your posture, balance, breathing, strength and flexibility, all of which are important to your golf swing.  Catherine Crocket is a great Yoga instructor and she is knowledgeable about the golf swing as well.  Catherine has played golf for many years and studied the effects of Yoga on golf from world renowned Yoga for Golfers instructor Katherine Roberts.  Catherine's experience makes her uniquely qualified to blend the practice of Yoga with Golf. Sign-up for Yoga with Catherine and start to reap the benefits for your golf game and more importantly, life in general. 

Tony Rowe, PGA, 2016 Connecticut PGA Hall of Fame Inductee  


SHE'S AN EXERCISE MASSEUSE! Catherine teaches a very gentle yoga and allows her students to make it as hard or as soft as they need it to be. Her classes are varied, interesting and challenging. My range of motion has increased, daily tasks are easier and a mental calmness has occurred. She is truly a remarkable exercise masseuse. 

Jim, Age 63