There are many different ways to explore yoga and improve your health. Find the way that works best for you, your family, your group or business.

One to one instruction is great for people with specific limitations or issues. It is also for people who have never done yoga and aren't comfortable starting new in a class situation.

If you wish to get your whole family on track, I can come to your home and teach a class there. I believe that every home should be designed with a place to exercise, do yoga or just meditate.  I can also help you create such a space.

If you have a group of friends who golf, bike, hike or just get together, we can find a space where I can create a yoga workshop just for your group, geared to your specific needs for stretching, strengthening or releasing stress.  

If you have a business, I can come to your business and create workshops or ongoing programs that will reduce stress, get people moving, and living a healthier lifestyle that will improve productivity and moral.  

And so much more!!!